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BULMIM presents an Inter B School  case study competition – ADHYAYAN in association with Multiplier..


BULMIM HR Club  was  organized a seminar on  “Power of Human Brain and How to be a Genius”. The seminar was held on  16/11/2018 (Friday)  at Munshi Memorial Hall.

A guest lecture on the theme of ‘Personal Branding’ was organized by the Marketing Area at BULMIM on 5th September, 2018 for the PGDM-FT 2nd year students. The invited speaker for the event was Mr. Pankajj Sehegal, Founder Skills Academy.

A guest lecture on based on Factories Act, 1948 was organized by HR Area on 4th September, 2018 for the PGDM-FT 2018-20 students undergoing the elective course Industrial Relations and Labor Laws. The session was delivered by Mr. Rajeev Saxena,... Read More

Resume Writing Workshop was organized for PGDM-FT 2nd year students on 1st September, 2018. This was organized keeping in mind the upcoming placement interventions for the 2nd year students. Objective of the workshop was to facilitate students to... Read More



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